"And remember to always Be*YOU*tiful!"
- Jillian
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30 Days/30 Stories
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. At PCFLV, we are committed to spreading the GOLD all year long. However, in September, we truly make it our mission. 30 Days, 30 Stories celebrates the children we know and love and the brave battles they fight and have fought, with their families by their sides. In celebrating these beautiful children and their stories, we hope to inspire you to join us in our mission to SPREAD THE GOLD in September and all year long!

September 19th
My name is Jillian, and I am 11 years-old and just started 6th grade. I was diagnosed with medulloblastoma when I was 7 years-old. I was always feeling fine and healthy, but then I started to get headaches and feeling nauseous a lot and we didn't know why. The doctor sent me for an MRI, and I was diagnosed on June 12, 2013. I had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for a year - and I was cancer free for 14 months. I was so happy and back to school and got to spend time with my friends. When I was starting 4th grade, I went for my regularly scheduled MRI, and we found out that my cancer had come back. It has been almost 2 years that I have been back on treatment, and I have had 2 more surgeries, participated in clinical trials, and now I am back on chemotherapy. I hope that all this keeps it away and it stays away!

I am so thankful to PCFLV who plans fun things for kids like me to do. My favorite is Camp Smile. My sister and I look forward to it every year. We get to try lots of activities, swim, and forget about treatments for a while. All of our friends there are so supportive, and I never want the week to end.

Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me to be a kid while fighting my cancer. And remember to always Be*YOU*tiful!

Written by Jillian

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