Donate to PCFLV Through Thrivent Choice
PCFLV is part of the Thrivent Choice program. With Thrivent Choice, you can recommend where some of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds go. Since 2010, eligible members have used this program to direct more than $225 million to churches and nonprofits nationwide.

What is Thrivent Choice?
  • A member-advised charitable grant program.
  • Lets eligible members recommend where some of Thrivent's charitable funds go.
  • Uses a vehicle called Choice Dollars.
What are Choice Dollars?
  • A vehicle eligible members use to recommend where Thrivent should distribute some of its charitable grant funds.
  • Thousands of nonprofit organizations are enrolled, including churches.
  • Eligible members can direct Choice Dollars throughout the year.
Who Is Eligible?
  • Benefit members age 16 or older who:
    • Have $750 or more in qualifying annual insurance premiums, or
    • Have a minimum of $20,000 in qualifying annuity and life insurance contract values, or
    • Hold a qualifying volunteer leadership position.
How They're Designated?
  • Designations are based on eligibility criteria.
  • Eligible members may be designated between $25 and $5,000 Choice Dollars.
How do I Find Out More About Thrivent Choice?
Visit the Trivent Financial website.